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It is the primary purpose and function of Visalia Transit (“VT”) to provide public transportation.  Consistent with that purpose and function, VT hereby makes available to Advertiser guidelines for the sale of advertising space and acceptability of the advertising display which is to be displayed on VT buses.




It is the policy of VT to accept and display advertising messages on the exterior and interior of VT buses in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. The advertising space available is limited to the designated areas of the interior and exterior of VT buses. The limited advertising space made available by VT minimizes the chances of abuse, the appearance of favoritism and the risk of imposing upon a captive audience. Spaces shall be available for commercial advertising on a first paid, first served basis. No refunds will be made on payments received.

  2. All non-profit organizations and governmental agencies may, on a space available basis only, use advertisement spaces located in the interior of the VT buses for public service announcements. Non-profit organizations and governmental agencies can also purchase advertising space at 10% off the standard rate schedule.

  3. Advertisers are responsible for design, production, production cost, and delivery of signs to VT at a specified time and location.

  4. Advertisements involving competitive products or services shall not be displayed on the same bus.

  5. Advertisers competing for the same bus, or for the same specific panel(s), shall submit written proposals to VT. Proposals will be reviewed by the VT Advertising Review Team.Proposals will be rated based on design, benefit to the community, benefit to VT, and how payment will be made to VT.If all proposals are determined to be equal, then the City of Visalia reserves the right to accept bids for the advertising space.

  6. VT reserves the right to reasonably reject any advertisement proposed by Advertiser to be displayed on or in the VT buses. It is VT's policy to only accept advertising related to the sales of goods and services.VT's right to reasonably reject any proposed advertisement is based upon VT's desire to protect the safety and personal feelings of its passengers. In exercising this right, VT intends to avoid consequences that may discourage, rather than enhance ridership, may result in either reduced subsidies, increased fares or diminished services, and/or may promote conduct otherwise legal, but not permitted on the VT buses.

Following includes, but is not limited to, the types of advertisements VT shall not accept for display on its buses because VT believes they may reasonably interfere with the ridership, services, and/or the privacy rights of VT's passengers:

  1. VT shall not display any advertising matter or signs of any nature advertising or implying a position, for or against, any political purpose, position, candidate or subject;

  2. VT shall not display any advertising matter or signs of any nature advertising, promoting or implying conduct otherwise legal if such conduct is not permitted on the VT buses;

  3. VT shall not display any advertising matter or signs of any nature advertising, promoting or implying conduct or activity which is illegal in the City of Visalia and/or County of Tulare;

  4. VT shall not display any advertising matter or signs of any nature advertising, promoting or implying any religious beliefs, behavior, affiliation or activities or any religious matter in general; and

  5. VT shall not display any advertising matter or signs of any nature that VT, in its sole discretion, determines to be controversial, designed to encourage public reaction or public uproar or designed to invoke anger or a hostile response.


Advertisement text and illustrations shall be subject to final approval of VT.  VT requires that the advertisement conform with community standards of appropriateness, decency, dignity, and accuracy. 

Prior to rejecting the proposed advertisement, VT will give written notice to Advertiser of any perceived problems with any proposed advertisement.  Advertiser will be given an opportunity to revise, at Advertiser's sole expense, the unacceptable advertisement.   If the proposed advertisement is not revised by the Advertiser, then VT shall reject the proposed advertisement in writing.


VT's rejection of any proposed advertisement may be appealed by Advertiser to the VT Advertising Review Team.  The VT Advertising Review Team consists of the VT Transit Advisory Committee.

  1. Advertisers paying the full amount of advertising fees due under the Contract in advance are eligible for a 5% discount for advertising placed with VT.

  2. All advertising displayed on the VT system shall be authorized by a fully executed “Visalia Transit Advertising Contract,” by and between the City of Visalia (VT) and the Advertiser.

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