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Frequently Asked Questions

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How many vehicles can I advertise on?

As many as your budget allows and inventory is available.

How long will my advertisement last on the buses?

Vinyl posters should last a minimum of one year. Many last much longer. However, we are not responsible for vinyl that is produced by outside vendors. We do guarantee vinyl produced by our approved vendors for up to 12 months.

How long will my advertising last on the shelters?

All shelter posters should last for one year. Many last much longer. We are not responsible for any vandalism or graffiti that would destroy the advertiser's shelter posters.

I need help designing the ad.

RETHOUGHT REBORN MEDIA can coordinate your program every step of the way. From artwork to printing to installation, we can handle as many aspects as needed. We will work to get your message on the road quickly so you get immediate exposure.

Can an advertiser use any vendor for ad production?

Yes. RETHOUGHT REBORN MEDIA works with a highly-professional production team for both printing and installing ads. However, if an advertiser prefers to provide their own ad materials (printing only), we only ask that your printers meet our recommended standards for both quality and conformity.

Can I choose where I want my bus message to run?

Generally, the buses randomly assigned to different routes. However, specific routes may be available for full wraps for an additional cost in some markets. Call for details.

Can I advertise on the inside of the buses?

Absolutely! We have dedicated advertisement space in each bus. You can choose to advertise on as many buses as you like. Depending on the market, we offer geo-node announcements, geo-node digital displays, and static interior ads.

Can I wrap the entire bus?

Some markets allow full wraps and some do not allow the windows to be covered. Please call us at 559.783.9545 and inquire about the specific market you are interested in.

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